Personal/Group Training

We provide 1:1 personal training, partner or group training at our VIBE Centre in Crick, in the summer we get out in the fresh air!! We will motivate, support and encourage you to set and reach your goals whether its to run your first mile, complete a full press-up or conquer the Three Peaks! EQUIPMENT - Bosu, TRX, Boxing, Medicine Balls, Free Weights, Weighted Bars, Resistance Bands, TRX Rip, Rower, Keiser M3 indoor bike.


1:1 Personal Training £40 per hour (buy a block of 10 sessions and get a £50 discount)
2:1 Partner Training £55 per hour (buy a block of 10 sessions and get a £50 discount)
Small Group Training from £7.50 per person

What my clients say

After a fairly inactive period in my life I gained weight and was quite unfit until I started running with Sue Whitling. I gained confidence, lost weight and began to feel so energised and motivated! When Sue started Sweat Circuits I joined her classes and absolutely loved them! I tried for a long time to persuade my husband to join in too but with no joy until, one day, I cruelly videoed him snoring away in the sofa - it did the trick because he has been coming to Sweat with me twice a week for the last six months and literally gets withdrawal symptoms if he is working away and can't make it! I can honestly say that meeting Sue and taking part in her Sweat, Vibe Box and Vibe Cycle classes has totally transformed our lives!"

Lisa Smith, West Haddon

"Thank you, I haven't felt this alive (I don't think EVER) and its down to you for believing in me and the support and fun of the other ladies, so from the bottom of my heart Sue I THANK YOU. I will be donating £50 to the charity of your choice once I hit my target weight!"

Angela Algate, Crick

"I started Sue's Sweat Camp classes last year after feeling unfit and quite low. When she became a qualified Boxercise Instructor I joined that too and really enjoy the class, it's a great stress reliever and the girls make it so much fun! When Sue started Jog On a few years ago, I always said 'I'm not running, I don't like running' you'll never get me running. Now I have to eat my words, I started running this year and I'm up to 10k already, I can't believe I am doing it!! Sue is a great Motivator, supports you in every way and makes all our classes fun. She has definitely turned my life round for the better"

Karen Massie, Crick

Two years ago Sue Whitling, SWEAT, invited me to join a new class she was going to run, Boxercise. With some trepidation I ventured along, I need not have worried, the class was so much fun, the people friendly and also lots of fun. Since then Sue has encouraged me to detox, lose weight and get fit. I now run, box and spin and am nearly a stone lighter! I have taken part in four Wolf Runs, Race For Life and attended three Fitness Fiestas with Sue. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before and have made lots of fantastic new friends from the classes. Sue will inspire and motivate you, more often than not with a smile on your face!

Caite Antrobus, Watford Village