Meet the Team

Sue Whitling

Sue isn't your typical gym bunny and has been where many of you are now. She was unfit, lazy and 3 stone overweight! After taking part in a Race for life in memory of her mother Sue went on to take a Leadership Qualification in Running Fitness and Jog On was created with just a handful of members. One thing led to another and after completing the Brighton marathon Sue also qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2012.
For 3 years Sue ran boot camps from village halls and parks until she realised her dream in 2015 and the Sweat Hut was built at the newly developed sports field in Crick. Life changed dramatically when she met Delvin Clarke (the creator of Vibe). Sue is now qualified to teach most of the Vibe concepts including Vibe cycle, Vibe power, Vibox, Vibe step, Vibody, VDA and the latest concept Vibe DBands. Sweat is now the largest Vibe Centre in the UK and boasts around 30 classes per week with over 500 members. Sue's passion has rubbed off on many of her members who have become instructors themselves and this is the awesome team you see before you today.

Rob Preston

I first began going to the gym at the end of 2012. Initially this was just me, on my own, in a room full of gym machines and that's how it stayed for several months. In February 2015 I stumbled across Vibe and that changed everything !! It was my first experience of group exercise and I loved it right from the start. Since then I have become a certified instructor in Vibe Cycle, Vibe Step, Vibe Power, Vi-Box, Vi-Body and D-Bands and have lost 34 kilos in the process !! I am also a Vibe Cycle Tutor, a Vibe Area Coordinator and am ETM Level 2 qualified. I began teaching Vibe Cycle at Sweat in March 2016 and have loved every minute of every class since. It's a wonderful place full of wonderful people just smiling and having fun. This is exactly what Vibe is and what fitness should be all about and it's become my mission to help people to realise that and to enjoy it as much as I do.

Lucy Marshall

I began throwing the hammer at the age of 15 and for the last four years I have competed in the Highland games. I am hoping to retain the Cowal games title for a 5th year this August. I joined sweat in September 2014 to help and support Sue who I've known for about 8 years. I completed my level 2 gym instructor course and now teach Vibe cycle, Vibe power, boot camp and small group training. Being a full-time athlete, I train six days a week and currently ranked 7th in the UK. Now age 35 I throw in the masters events and won the British master championships in Birmingham in June 2017. I am now planning on entering the world masters track and field championships in Spain September 2018.

Wilma Thomson

Nearly 2 years ago at the age of 58, I knew I was overweight, unfit and storing up health issues for later in life when I discovered Sweat. I made it through the first class (just), but I was hooked and came back each week, building my stamina. A combination of a detox, clean eating and various classes at Sweat each week (including Vibe Cycle, Vi-box, Vibe Power, Vibe Step and Boot camp) saw a 3 stone weight loss, making it possible to participate in 2 hour Masterclasses and 5 hour Euphoria sessions. Now a qualified Level 1 Vibe Cycle Instructor delivering regular classes during the week, it is my mission to bring this exciting, exhilarating exercise concept to anyone looking for something positive and upbeat that leaves you with a smile on your face.

Katherine Tuckley

Katherine comes from a sporting family and has competed in tennis, swimming and many equine disciplines. Her passion for horses has led her to pursue a career in the equine industry. Katherine first met Sue at the top of a hale bay doing a Wolf Run in 2013 and after only a few personal training sessions have became firm friends. Katherine recently qualified as a Level 1 Vibe cycle instructor and now runs her own classes and takes care of marketing via social media for Sweat.

Lisa Thomas

After finding myself at a difficult stage of my life, I decided to find something for me and enquired about Personal Training as I didn't feel confident enough to attend a class. Sue chatted to me and encouraged me to attend my first class which was in September 2016. I had lived in the village for 6 years and hardly new anyone and to be honest didn't feel like my home. I took a deep breath and walked through the Sweat doors where I was welcomed by Wilma and Alan, I have never looked back. I took my level 1 Vibe Cycle qualification in February 2016 and joined the Sweat Team.
This wonderful family has brought me through some tough times and I have met many wonderful people in so many classes. If you are reading this at home and a little bit scared to take that first step, it just took a moment of courage to find something wonderful. I have now found home.

Niki Adams

Originally from Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, Niki Adams, 5th Dan, was a member of the Canadian National Judo Team from 1990-1999 representing first in the u72kg women's category and then onto u78kg after her showing at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Niki won her Pan-American Championship title in the same year in Puerto Rico and then retired to train as a Corporate Wellness Coordinator at American Express and Nokia Canada. Her role as a 2008 Olympic Toronto Bid Ambassador and member of its Information Task Force found her in Sydney, Australia for the 2000 Olympic Games where she met her husband, Neil Adams, while commentating for CBC. Niki is runs Vibox and swisss ball at sweat

Toni Tull

Toni is a sub teacher at SWEAT, studied Sports Science at University and teaches PE by profession. Toni is a big kid at heart who likes to bring games and a competitive element into her classes which makes them so much fun you hardly notice you are exercising!
In her spare time Toni likes to run, play hockey, cycle & push herself in challenges. She has completed the London to Brighton bike ride, Snowdonia Challenge, 3 Peaks Challenge, ultra marathon in the Australian Bush and completed the London Marathon whilst 4 months pregnant. Toni likes to work hard and play hard, with her training motto "go hard or go home"!

Paul Coxon

Like most people, I love exercise but quickly became bored of going down to the gym and staring into space whilst sitting on countless weight machines. As a result, I tended to go on an irregular basis, put on more weight and wasted a fortune on membership fees. I came across Vibe Cycle at SWEAT in October 2016 and it was everything I was looking for - exercise which was fun with lots of laughter & good music. This having fun has led me to lose 14 kilos, as well as bringing huge improvements in heart rate, blood pressure & cholesterol. I have loved this so much that I've recently qualified at ETM Level 2 and as an instructor in Vibe Cycle, Vi-Box, Vi-Body, D-Bands, and Step.

Betty Whitling & Charly Kelly

Betty and Charly are the youngest instructors at Sweat and bring a fantastic fresh energy into the room.

We took part in our first vibe cycle class in 2015, since then Sweat has grown in the most phenomenal way. Since day one we both fell in love with the positive, upbeat and motivating concept and decided to take our Level 1 Vibe cycle instructor course together in the summer of 2016. Teaching tracks has had massive impact on our confidence and the atmosphere created in classes by members and instructors is truly memorable and inspiring. We both hope that in the future our instructing progresses, as Sweat and Vibe are amazing communities to be a part of.